2005/07/24 - First Highscores reset
More than 12 years of gameplay!

With more than half a million games registered, I thought it was time to reset all highscores. Nothing is lost, past highscores will be added to the "TOP 10000" next September...

2004/09/05 - Frozen Bubble Java release 2 is out!
So what's new?
  • Can now run as an application (thanks to Shirak Kanga)
  • New colorblind mode (same as in Perl/SDL version)
  • Easier to "customize"
  • Offline highscores... No more [Error 404] if you don't have php/mySQL
  • Sound can be turned off
  • A "player" parameter was added to the applet (for webmasters)
  • Some bugs were corrected
  • A reduced size (770KB -> 471KB)
2003/04/21 - JIGA 0.1.1 released
Frozen Bubble jar file now includes JIGA v0.1.1.
This new version fixes some sound crashes
To compile this new version, you only need to download the JIGA source files (Nothing has changed in FrozenBubble sources)
Many thanks to Alexandre Sauvé, Jean-Marie Favreau, Nicolas LONGUET and all the others for their bug reports ;)

2003/04/06 - less bugs, more fun
There were some bugs within the download page (I forgot the -target 1.1 option in javac, and jiga seemed to be compiled for java 1.4 (crashes reported)

2003/03/26 - First public release
version 0.9

Still does not work with Netscape/Linux
Online highscores work but might often crash