2004.09.06 - No, this project is not dead ;)
version 0.1.3
JIGA-based games can now run as application. This ability was added by Shiraz Kanga
Added XLM pseudo-parser, first step of my long-time-planned network protocol
Added a new Image Transform class. For the moment, it only include a Rotation Transform (nearest pixel), but I'm working on bilinear filtering and alpha blending

2003.02.15 - new update!
version 0.1.2
Some functions were added/debugged (ImageSprite is now "screen-safe", Clips are available for background images, ...)
A new class has been added, Base64, which provide Base64[safe] encoding/decoding
JIGA 0.1.2 matches the first release of

2003.01.25 - JIGA Website lifting
First 'post-crash' update

A new version of JIGA should be released quite soon... A few changes, but a brand new game!

2003.04.21 - Major sound bug fixed
version 0.1.1

As Netscape seems not able to load AudioClips (at least in the version I have) from within a jar file, I used the sun.audio package to play sounds for this browser (and only this)
The sun.audio package is quite problematic, as its use is not allowed in all jvm
Current fix should allow users to play JIGA based games with jre 1.3.x based browsers and SUN appletviewer ;)

2003.03.26 - First public release
version 0.1

This is a dirty and undocumented version, solely released to match the first release of (long time planned). Javadoc should be available soon
Feedback is welcome ;)