Action on the cell

A-H    Fill with this color (1-8)
I         Fill with next color : 0->1->2->..->last_color
J        Fill with previous color : last_color->...->2->1->0
K       Like I with a cycle : 0->..->last_color->0
L        Like J with a cycle : last_color->..->0->last_color
M       Like K without 0 : 1->..->last_color->1
N        Like L without 0 : last_color->..->1->last_color
O        Cancel any previous color change in this turn
o        Erase all previous mark
P        Fill with the neighbors' majority color
V        Empty cell
R        Select a random color (0 to last_color)
W-Z    Set a mark (1-4)
w-z     Reset a mark(1-4)