John Conway's "Game of Life" "Game of life":
  1. 8VA=3A
  2. 8AA>3V
  3. 8AA<2V

Edward Fredkin's rules

 Each cell with an even number of live neighbors becomes or remains empty
Edward Fredkin's rules:
  1. 4TAM2V
  2. 4TAN2A
These rules can easily be simplified:
  1. 4AAM2V
  2. 4VAN2A

2 colors version of John Conway's "Game of Life"

  1. 8VN=3P
  2. 8PN<2V
  3. 8PN>3V
These rules work if you have only 2 colors.
A third color could interact and create mistakes in patterns
2 (or more) colors version of John Conway's "Game of Life":
  1. 8VN=3W
  2. 8WA>1A
  3. 8WB>1B (Each mark may be used by several rules)
  4. 8AN<2V
  5. 8BN<2V
  6. 8AN>3V
  7. 8BN>3V

Stanislaw Ulam's rules

  1. Births occur on cells that have only one neighbor
  2. All live cells of generation n vanish when generation n+2 is born
  3. We can represent each generation by a specific color -state-:

    The first rule is:
    We now just have to change the color -state- of the cell:
    There is no condition on the neighborhood
    -> 0 neighbors
    -> 1=1 is always true
Stanislaw Ulam's rules:
  1. 4VN=1A
  2. 0A1=1B
  3. 0B1=1V
As only cells whose neighborhood has changed during the last turn are tested, some rules may not work:
0V1=1A wouldn't do anything on an empty map
(Try with only one cell)
- I promise to correct that on the next version -